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 Canoeing on the West Branch 
Outfitting Paddler's of the West Branch of the Penobscot River since 1999

We have developed this page to help you plan a successful and enjoyable canoe/kayak trip down the West Branch
of the Penobscot River. We're more than just outfitters....we live here! On this page you'll find information about the trip logistics, along with descriptions of our special combination "Paddle and Stay" packages. We're confident that you'll find all of the information you are looking for about our outfitting service.

We just don't "outfit"...We live here 365! We know how!  Get away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life and enjoy a unique and magical experience canoeing, kayaking and camping on the West Branch of the Penobscot River in the sparsely populated Northwoods region of Maine.
 We have canoes, kayaks and camping gear available for rent.


ITEM                                                DAILY PRICES   WEEKLY PRICES
Canoe, 2 paddles, 2 PDFs                     $35.00                 $190.00
Personal kayak, 1 paddles, 1 PDFs      $25.00                 $145.00
2 person tent                                          $14.00                   $85.00
Camp chair                                               $4.00                   $20.00
Cooler                                                        $5.00                   $25.00
2 person cooking kit                                $5.00                   $25.00
2-burner propane stove                          $4.00                   $20.00

We do not rent personal items such as sleeping bags, axes, lanterns, or insulated coffee mugs/water bottles. Wal-Mart can sell them to you cheaper than we can rent them. A visit with us is an invitation to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the past. We are dedicated to serving our guests and making your stay here a truly memorable
Reservations and Cancellation Policy for Rentals and Shuttle Services:

* 30% deposit required to make reservations for multi-day trips or outfitting services
* $20 per person deposit required to make reservations for shuttle services.
* Reservations will be honored upon receipt of deposit.
* Deposits are non-refundable.
* Balances are due in our office two weeks prior to trip or services.
* Balances are non-refundable.
* Participants leaving a trip early will not receive a refund.
* Deposits and balances may be paid with cash, check, MasterCard, or Visa.
* MasterCard or Visa credit card number is required for rentals.
* No-shows will be charged the balance of their reservation.
The following items and suggestions are only recommendations. What you may actually bring on your trip depends greatly on the season, length and nature of your particular route, etc. Depending on time of year, the temperature can range from the 30s in the Spring and Fall to the 90s in the Summer, with most days in the 70s, and nights in the 50s.

Basic Gear

1. Rubber-Bottom, Leather-Topped Boots; such as the kind sold by L.L. Bean 10" or 12".
2. Socks; (inner) 3 or 4 pairs cotton, silk, or "wick-away" material.
3. Underwear; 2 or 3 pair.
4. T-Shirts; 2 or 3
5. Sweats or Long Underwear; for sleeping, etc.
6. Jacket
7. Pants; 2 pairs; l pair cotton/poly work type (Dickie) etc, (all cotton such as blue jeans get heavy when wet and are slow to dry).
8. Shirts; l or 2 light or medium weight (chamois-type or wool long sleeve).
9. Wind Pants
10. Rain Gear; 2 piece suit or poncho
11. Hat; wide-brim felt, knit or visor cap
12. Wool Gloves or Mittens; (Spring or Fall)

Personal Gear

1. Day Pack; for personal items.
2. Toothbrush, Paste, Toilet Tissue, Face Cloth, Hand or Bath Towel, Mirror, Biodegradable Soap, Sewing
3. First Aid Kit; at least one per party
4. Flashlight; extra bulb and batteries
5. Jackknife or Sheath Knife
6. Axe Lightweight or Hatchet; folding saw
7. Sunglasses
8. Binoculars
9. Insect Repellent
10. Maps and Compass

Camping Gear

1. Tent; with "no-see-um" proof screen netting and waterproof fly.
2. Tarps ( 2 ); approx. l2' x l2' or larger. one over your cooking table and one to cover your gear.
3. Sleeping bag
4. Lantern
5. Cookstove
6. Cooking Utensils; pots, plates, bowls, cups, can opener, spoons, forks.
7. Frying Pan; cast iron or stainless steel (no Teflon)
8. Stainless Steel Pot Scrubber, river sand works well to.
9. Bungee Cords and Nylon Rope
10. Waterproof Matches, butane lighters
11. Zip Lock Bags
12. Mosquito Head Net
13. PAPER PLATES AND CUPS, can be burned.
15. Frozen Drinking Water, river/lake water is great for cooking and cleaning, some people prefer not to
drink it.
16. Camera and Film; in a waterproof container.
17. TOTES pack all your gear and dry foods in Rubbermaid totes,or 5 gal buckets with covers.
18. Camp chairs


Don't bother with crappy prepared survival camp food aka. MREs. A lot of folks bring lobster for the first nights meal and do a lobster creative, live it up! Your on vacation, and paddling doesn't cost much, spend a little more on good food! Prepare most meals at home before your trip and freeze them. Bagged ice is a waste of time and money! Fill empty 1 and 2 Lt. soda bottles with water and freeze, no mess and plenty of drinking/food prep water.

2 Cooler Camping cooler is the "frozen foods cooler......the other cooler is the "cold - thawing cooler"

• Remove food from store packages and put in zip-lock bags or reusable plastic containers. Less trash you'll have to haul around.

• Freeze meats/fish/chix, whole milk qts, butter, water bottles (2 liter soda bottles make great ice with no ice mess, as they melt you have a cold drinkable water!)

• Only OPEN frozen foods cooler once a day in the evening, seal it up and keep in the shade, or covered in the canoe with a large wet white towel, keep it wet!

• Each evening. Take frozen foods to be consumed the following day out of the frozen cooler and put it to thaw in the cold cooler.

• The cold cooler should have veggies, sour cream, cream, butter, dips, eggs, cheese, condiments, milk, beer, wine, etc.

• Try to avoid BAGGED ICE, doesn't last long and makes a mess of packaging. Freeze 2 liter soda bottles!

• This method when perfected should give good cold food for well over a week with NO spoiling.

Trash Bags; (extra large and extra strength) 2 bags together, placed in an Army Surplus canvas Duffel. Good heavy duty large trash bags can be used for everything, great ponchos!

All campsites on the West Branch have fire grates, and well maintained outhouses.

The current Rules on the waterway is, "Carry in Carry out". The amount of non-disposable trash ie. tin cans, glass containers, plastic, aluminum beverage cans, etc. should be kept to a minimum. You are responsible for your trash disposal.